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It is an honor to announce that DKANDLE's single 'Flame' is in rotation at Big Sonic Heaven Radio Station.

Big Sonic Heaven was born in 1995 as the fulfillment of Darren Revell's dream of owning a radio station. It was originally hosted at Planet 96.3 in Detroit, where it was aired for about 8 years. Then, in 2007, it moved to Indie 103-1 in Los Angeles. More recently, in 2020, Revell launched the Big Sonic Heaven Internet radio station, with free iPhone & Android mobile apps.

Big Sonic Heaven is now heard worldwide 24 hours-a-day with Revell hosting new & classic Big Sonic Heaven music, commercial-free. The radio broadcasts music ranging from shoegaze and dream-pop to post-punk and ethereal, with a touch of trip-hop, darkwave etc., "all having that common energy that makes up Big Sonic Heaven".

Listen to it right now at

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