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STAMPA CLANDESTINA is my second single. I used a pedal with bend chorus effect for the guitar, which is characteristic of Shoegaze. It also has wah-wah effect in some parts. The single was released in the summer because it has this party vibe that fits well with the season.

It was mastered by Kenneth Estrada (Berlin Shoegazer) using a Tascam tape recorder, which makes it sound warmer and more organic. The lyrics are about escaping from dogma.

One curiosity is that the last part of the song is a sample of a sound captured on Mars...


Music and Lyrics: Denis Kandle

Know yourself

Dose it well

Don't believe

In all you think

I found some slugs

In the garden

If you don't mind

It doesn't matter

Vatican Gay Parade

To celebrate

Alan Turing

Sergius and Bacchus

Oscar Wilde

San Sebastian

Leo Da Vinci

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