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Updated: Jan 24, 2023

2022 was the year when DKANDLE was born!

The first single 'Flame' came out on May, and shortly after it was selected to be featured on Aspirin Age Volume 2 (A Shoegaze Compilation) by Broken Sound Tapes. So awesome!

The single was added to playlists like Shoegaze Bible, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and Supersonic Sugarshock, receiving airplay in radios like Internova (Brazil), Big Sonic Heaven, and Eardrum Buzz Radio (USA), and being included to Heatwave! Podcast #306. It was also featured on music blogs like Shoegazer Alive (Brazil), Rue X Magazine (Mexico) and Last Day Leaf (Greece).

In July I released the official music video of Flame, and on the following week I released the single Stampa Clandestina, which was featured on edition 310 of HEATWAVE! Podcast and on the Mexican blog SETLISTMX.

Mondano, the debut album, was mastered in April by Kenneth Estrada, from the Berlin Shoegazer Channel in YouTube, using a Tascam cassette recorder, which renders the sound more organic and warmer. It was released on September 23, and shortly after it entered in rotation on DKFM by DJ Heretic. The track Sunburst was played on the following week on The Shoegaze Collective Radio Show, by DJ Paul Lopez, also from DKFM. Radio shows like Fuzzed Up (Ireland & UK) and Dezgovernadoz (Brazil) have also being playing tracks of the album, which was reviewed by blogs like NI)) Naturaleza Insaciable (Chile), Shoegaze Blog (Italy) and Bitsmag (Brazil). A number of tracks were added to playlists like From the Strait ('Trans-Spirited'), Janglepop ('Escapist Comfort'), Nothing, Nowhere ('1+1=1'), El Descafeinado ('Trans-Spirited') and The Shoegazer Disclaimer ('Dissociation').

In November the single Dissociation was released. An official music video came to life the following week. It has been featured in blogs like Shoegazer Alive (Brasil), WL//WH (UK), From the Strait (Canada), Last Day Leaf (Greece) and Heatwave! (Brazil), and has received airplay in radio shows like Your First Listen (Ken’s FM/Eardrum Buzz Radio) and Fallout Radio Mixtape (UK).

I am deeply thankful to all of you guys who have played my music in your radio shows, podcasts, playlists, and everyone who wrote reviews or notes about DKANDLE. Thanks to everyone who downloaded my music, and special thanks to everyone who bought Mondano on CD on Bandcamp. You guys rock!!!

Let’s keep it going in 2023! I came from Amsterdam yesterday, I wrote some new stuff while I was there and I'm really excited about it. I intend to release a second album as soon as possible.

Thanks again to everyone and Happy New Year!!!

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