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Aloha! DKANDLE's single 'Flame' has been included in episode 306 of the Brazilian podcast HEATWAVE!. Awesome!

HEATWAVE! is produced by Wilson Farina since 2008. In the beginning it was an mp3 compilation blog. Then it became a party in some Sao Paulo bars such as Cafe Eletrico, Razzmatazz, Alberta, Peixaria Mitsugi etc. HEATWAVE! also became a webradio program during six years on Antena Zero. It had more than 280 editions and was nominated for the 2018 APCA and 2020 Dynamite Awards.

During 2021 HEATWAVE! changed its editions to a podcast. In January 2022 it went back to being broadcasted by Antena Zero. In addition, it also has playlists, YouTube videos, texts and other content on the wordpress blog and social media.

Listen to the podcast now:

From the blog: HEATWAVE! #306

Or On Spotify: HEATWAVE! #306

Thank you Wilson Farina!

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