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DKANDLE's song 'Hanging Out In Stars' has been reviewed by Wilson Farina on his blog HEATWAVE! (Brazil):

"In October, the band released a new album, with the great name 'More Drag Queens Less Drama Queens'. The opening track, 'Hanging Out in Stars', features the classic sound of sublime noise. High, distorted guitars, strong drums, and a whole intense scene created. All of this laying down the groundwork for delicate, ethereal, and very beautiful vocals.

I have the impression that many people today try to record albums like this, calling themselves shoegaze or dreampop. But few have the artistry and intensity that DKANDLE demonstrates in their work. It is clear their genuine involvement with the style, and this guarantees a more genuine and sincere artistic expression".

Thank you so much, Wilson! 💚💙💜

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