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I'm honoured to announce the very first review of my newest single 'Hanging Out In Stars' by the Mexican music blog La Caverna!

In an article called "From the world, for you! Featured Songs", they recommend the four emerging artists DKANDLE, Vicodix, Bel Epoq, and DiRTY RADiO. Here is what they say about DKANDLE:

"We start with Italian* DKANDLE and his single 'Hanging Out In Stars', with which he seeks to promote his upcoming album which has a release date for October, which will be released under the title "More Drag Queens, Less Drama Queens". This song I think is a good demonstration of how he has grown as an artist as well as what we can expect from the upcoming album, I hope you enjoy it with its incredible guitars and dreamy rhythms."

(Actually I'm Brazilian, but I live in Italy, so it is OK calling me Italian, I guess).

Thank you so much La Caverna for the great support!

If you want to check out the original article in Spanish, please CLICK HERE.

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