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Welcome to chaos.

The oil is over. 

Climate change is already part of our daily lives. 

Plastic? Think of a substitute. 

Binary gender? A thing of the past. 

Smile. There will be no stone unturned in our old civilizing model. In less than 100 years, the world as we know will no longer exist. It is a new Zeitgeist that already shows its face and, regardless of this or that most sector resistant to change, it will settle in the planet, anyway. 

Is anyone feeling insecure there?

Maybe not.

Chaos only disorientates and frightens those who once lived a time of (alleged) certainty and consensus. Whoever was born in chaos has as much intimacy with it as a dolphin with water.

This is Aliencore. It is music born in the 21st century to swim in this delicious ocean of uncertainties and reinvention of our dear civilization. 

How to be pessimistic?

Pessimism has aged. It became pure reference.

Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Daft Punk, Aphex Twins. Blade Runner, Black Mirror, Tresor's dancefloor, mind the gap!

Aliencore's sound is pure 4.0 Industrial. 

It's “internet of things”, stem cell, implanted chip. Electronic bits in their subcutaneous phase. Almost lymphatic.

We all connected between ourselves and with machines. 

Aliencore is the sound of essence, of chaos, from which all things are born.


Ricardo Antonio, journalist

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